Labour Scotland secretly side with yes? Nicola & Alex, now Lamont speak


I KNEW IT AND SAID IT! Scottish Independence could renew Labour When Johann Lamont stood down I suggested perhaps she was deep down a yes voter. I also said I believed at the time through speaking to people and research there was a HUGE  yes vote within the Scottish Labour Party, now here is the proof. Inside Labour Scotland there is a HUGE Yes movement and I would say over 50%. Their Leader and Vice Leader stood down soon after the No vote last September and I said in a few blogs it was my belief there was a good amount of Labour MP’s being slapped down.

Whoever made this image was closer to this truth than they were perhaps at the time of making it

Whoever made this image was closer to this truth than they were perhaps at the time of making it

Also remember Alex Rowley? I do as I keep all the small details by writing them of saving links and images, he said this, also you can click all these links > Labour in Scotland must become the party of Home Rule or we will not survive He didn’t come out and say “Labour should back the Yes movement” but looking back, he actually was! So we now have the proof that within Labour in it’s Scottish Branch Office there are Politicians wanting to vote yes, who else resigned? Do we have a list Scotland? That would be interesting. Also looking back they brought in Jim Murphy who was just lost! Gaffe as Murphy doesn’t know Labour housing policy Totally out his depth as Scottish Labour was murdering itself internally while trying to keep on a brave face as the Referendum came and went. We can visibly now see that story, Labour are in BITS in Scotland because most wanted a Yes vote!! WOW or what!! Never let us forget this > The All New ‘Fundilymundily’ Amazing Jim Murphy Blog video!!!!!! Please keep reading beyond the story below, I came up with another few issues I think the Yes movement now must debate

August 17th I suggested Scottish Independence could renew Labour Maybe I was seeing internal Labour killing each other, maybe I should have blogged it more, I am now looking back a year blogging to see if I can find some more evidence or articles then that become more today, things we just didn’t look at and now we do, like many things I am sharing here. What if all along Labour Scotland actually wanted to say “Stuff you London, we are not doing this” Because when Johann Lamont said “Labour London treat Scottish Labour like a branch office” These words by Johann today are more than they were at the time. Now we see Johann was in-fact a yes voter but having to do what she was being paid to do, same “Paid to do” as the BBC allegedly had to do. We remember also Kevin Bridges saying “Everyone in this BBC building wants to vote yes, we have been told not to mention it” Remember? Kevin Bridges admits to BBC lies, 100% Looking back the words were huge, today they are more, especially with Alex Salmond coming out AT LAST on the record saying “The BBC were bias” Kevin Bridges said it, as did many looking back. Now the story is MORE!



Labour should consider having a free vote in any future independence referendum, according the party’s former Scottish leader Johann Lamont.Ms Lamont was speaking as part of a series of BBC Scotland interviews to mark the anniversary of the referendum.The Labour MSP said it was “self-evident” that some people within the Labour movement had accepted that Scotland could be independent. She said a free vote was a debate the party should have.

In the previous interview in the series, Blair Jenkins, the former chief executive of the Yes campaign, appealed to the new Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to allow members to be allowed to campaign for independence.

He told last week’s Good Morning Scotland programme he thought there would be “very strong pressure” on the party to do that – even if the official position would be against independence.

Mr Jenkins said he would prefer Labour to back a Yes vote but “as a minimum position” they should allow prominent people in the party to campaign against its policy as they did in the 1979 devolution referendum.


Ballot box

She told Good Morning Scotland: “We know that there were Labour people who supported Yes and we need to understand what that was and have that debate inside the party.
“It’ll be for others to decide whether you then make it a free vote. People clearly exercised their vote in the ballot box anyway.”
She added: “If that’s a debate we should have inside the party, why not? Because what is self-evident is that there were people within the Labour movement more broadly who did accept the argument that Scotland could be an independent country.”

Despite saying the idea of a free vote should be debated, Ms Lamont added any decision over independence was “far bigger” than what was voted on in 1979. Ms Lamont also said that “on balance” she believed Labour was right to join with the Conservatives in the Better Together campaign.
But she said Labour should have had a better resourced and more energetic campaign of its own. In the interview she said she felt “pushed to jump” before she left the role but she refused to point the finger of blame at Ed Miliband or at Margaret Curran, an old friend who was at the time shadow secretary of state for Scotland.

~End Story~

As I said in a few blogs this week, THIS IS ABOUT TO GET INTERESTING!! 


How many more lies were told? Bad deeds done?

Do you think the SNP and all the lawyers they can afford and lawyers working for free to prove Scotland was wronged would just do nothing? This week Ruth Davidson had her words and alleged actions send to the highest Court in ALL OF SCOTLAND!! And perhaps more of her party were involved in a system to lie to Scotland and wreck the Yes vote, as they went on to do ALLEGEDLY. Something Alex Salmond hit on last week.



Alex Salmond came out and basically blamed the BBC and Nicola Sturgeon said “Cameron is living on borrowed time” This is why I say in the top 4 blogs below “GOOD TIMES ARE COMING” Try and make the pieces fit together and we have a story here. Seatbelts on Scotland, I believe the impossible is about to happen





Alba gu bràth

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