Has the ‘Yes Movement’ been derailed?

Scotland-Magnified-webI used to do a few blogs a day, now I am doing a few a week. The same old imaged and questions, valid for sure, but repetitive for many. Spoke to a few on Skype and other ways and it seems many feel the same as myself. The Yes movement has become an angry one, I am not saying everyone is angry but what we are writing is being distorted by ‘whoever’ for ‘whatever’ reasons. I seen it many months ago, I called them shills and I thought if we didn’t out them as 1 unit of people we would fall as individuals. Well sadly this is the way I see it happening these days. I still want a free Scotland and will do all I can, like you, like many people by sharing the truth be that truth huge or so small we can’t see it till someone points to it. The movement is divided to the point yes voters now argue.

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Until there is purpose and reason for me to write and research again I bow out for now. Really is just the same talk, images and stories, it’s getting boring and the yes movement is not what it was before the 2014 referendum. I have said it for so long now that I am actually being swayed by the very actions of the people I am trying to point to and say “They are liars and no voters”

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No way will I give in on a free Scotland but when people ask me “Why do you always work on your own” when people ask if I will become part of their movement my response is always the same “Who do we trust” I know who I can trust but the people I know I can trust, are they trusting the correct people? No hate, just observations of boredom from me, no biggy people. Keep on keeping on and maybe one day we will be free. Because right now we are talking and saying nothing, walking and going nowhere.

For now…….

Alba gu bràth


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Scotland – Why did you vote Yes or No? Did you have reason? Have you changed?


These are the official 2014 Referendum break downs via age

The data above was via Lord Ashcroft here is the full PDF breakdown of this true reading of voters on September 14th 2014. I say this always and get it thrown at me as hate but it’s just a fact everyone over 55 years old voted no. I have spoken to no voters and as friends or just in debate we ask each other why we voted as we did, I always have reasons from Yes voters, I am yet to hear on real non-selfish reason for people voting no, it really is like (Almost) they voted selfish or they voted due to hatred. Now that graph above tells us 1 thing and 1 fact, through the nature and circle of life the year 2020 should be the 2nd Referendum, we can’t lose by 2020. I did a LOT of research on Scottish birth’s and death’s just to give me a rough idea of what 6 years changes in Scotland makes to our voting percentages. So from 2014 till 2020 we gain around 22% new young votes but sadly we lose 23% of the over 65’s, so before you chop my head off I will probably lose a parent by the year 2020 so please don’t throw what I am just showing as the ‘Circle of life’ effect. Scotland we can’t apply UDI it would be political suicide and long term cause a lot of trouble. We must be patient, we must come together, I believe as I type this now the 45% have for sure moved to 50% as we seen on May 7th this year, I think it could be 60% now judging by many polls, sure it’s too early but the early Referendum 2014 polls had a no win by 65%, in the end a 5% swing made it a no vote

_82862376_newmap_chris (1)

May 7 2015 factual chart

We can see above clearly in the 8 months between September 14th 2014 to May 7th 2015 a very visible 5% increase in SNP voters. As the educated know on May 7th the SNP had only ever had 6 Westminster seats ever and now we have 56 out of the 59 available Scottsh seats that were on offer on May 7th in Westminster and we retired around 30 Labour politiciansB7VGiBiIYAIGB-1Never good to see people lose a job but they lied, what did they expect, Scotland is a smart country and we won’t repeat that vote, May 7th proved this. Now Scotland we look to the 2016 Scottish Elections as sure today as we were on May 7th we will clear the decks further and turn Scotland more yellow. The 2016 Scottish Parliament election is due to be held on Thursday 5 May 2016 to elect 129 members to the Scottish Parliament. It would be the fifth general election since the devolved parliament was established in 1999 and if the SNP can get over 100 seats then freedom is assured soon after. Below are the results from the last Scottish Elections in 2011, you can clearly see a trend in all the official graphs we can find


All I ever offer in anything I write are facts then my opinions. For people who think I only write about Scotland, please understand I write about our World, so I get abuse globally and nobody does hate just like the the Scottish Loyalist/Unionist and the American, not all but certainly enough visible to make it undeniable. I leave you what a small section of no voters did on September 15th 2015 in the early hours, these are the kind of people who voted no with selfish and uneducated reasons. I know a no voter who said “But I am English” I know for a fact he was Scottish born, I could share other selfish reasons people voted no but you have heard them already. I voted yes for my kids, your kids and 100 years from now. Scotland will be free sooner than many think, the Europe story could free Scotland and there are many more small detail stories that could free Scotland. But the facts remain, as of today we can’t have Referendum 2, we must wait till this circle of life makes it impossible for a no vote to happen. The new Labour Leader also, I think won’t hinder the Scottish cause. As always, just me 2c

Voting intentions as of last month #Poll

Voting intentions as of July 2015 #Poll








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