Steve Arnott: Facebook: That a progressive alliance forged by voters from the bottom up can stop the Tories is exactly The Point we’ve been making for the past two weeks #AceNewsDesk

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Steve Arnott posted in Scottish parliamentary election debating page.
Steve Arnott
15 May at 19:58

Nothing less than the future of all the people of these Isles is at stake – so please take a few minutes out to share as far and as widely as you can, even if you are someone who is not normally that political, or who doesn’t normally share.

That a progressive alliance forged by voters from the bottom up can stop the Tories is exactly The Point we’ve been making for the past two weeks.

The Tories have the support of just over 1 in 3 voters in the UK, or around 4 out of 10, depending on which set of polls you believe.
In a real democracy that should never allow them a Westminster majority to impose their anti-working class, pro-corporate, pro-Establishment agenda on the real majority in the country…but in our feeble and rigged first past the post system it just might…UNLESS…

UNLESS voters who don’t WANT a Tory majority vote tactically and astutely, based on where they live, to keep the Tory out.

That means a vote for the SNP in the vast, vast majority – if not all – of the Scottish seats.

In England and Wales, it overwhelmingly means a vote for Corbyn’s Labour, with a leader starting to grow in popularity the more people are exposed to the real guy rather the the Mail/Express caricature, and with a popular manifesto full of transformative commitments. In some seats it will mean a vote for the Green or Plaid Cymru candidate where they are clearly best placed to win the seat and keep the Tory out.

In a handful of seats, mainly in South-East and coastal areas of England and Wales, decent progressives may wish to hold their noses and cast a vote for the despised Lib-Dems, where only they can beat the Tory. This becomes a possibility now that the traitors of 2010-2015 have publicly ruled out another coalition with the Tories.

If everyone who wants to stop the Tories winning follows this simple guidance the Tories CAN be stopped from winning another term, with all the disastrous consequences for the NHS, for living standards, for workers, for foreign policy, and for the environment that would ensue from just such a Tory majority.

But we, the anti-Tory majority, CAN make the difference. IF we vote tactically and astutely where we live.

A Progressive Alliance of Labour, the SNP and other anti-Tory forces could then negotiate a people’s Brexit, rather than a bosses’ Brexit, and begin to repair the damage done by seven years of unrestrained Toryism.


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