Spoilt ballot papers in EU Referendum one member for Dunbartonshire his Vote counted for remain as actually he drew GENITALS instead of putting a X reason the P***S was erect – @AceTweetNews

#AceNewsReport – June.30: The member for Dunbartonshire: Vote is counted for remain – even though the voter actually drew GENITALS on their ballot paper.

Of all the problems expected to be faced during the EU referendum, deciding whether a drawing of genitals counted as an ‘X’ in the box was certainly not forseen.

The offending drawing was placed perfectly within a box – where most people had drawn a neat cross – in West Dunbartonshire, leaving ballot counters scratching their heads.

Was the drawing spoiling the ballot, or was it a vote for Remain?

Colin Mackay revealed those counting the ballots in West Dunbartonshire faced an unusual problem

STV’s Colin Mackay revealed: ‘There was an argument over a spoiled ballot in W Dunbartonshire. Voter drew p***s in the Remain box. Who got the vote?’

It seems there was a bit of two-ing and fro-ing over the legitimacy of said vote, but Mr Mackay finally informed his followers 10 minutes later that the drawing would indeed be counted as a ‘cross’.

‘P***s result. The vote was counted for Remain,’ he tweeted.

‘Because it was erect it was considered a positive endorsement!’

In fact, although the ballot paper suggests putting an ‘X’ in the box, there is not need to actually stick to just a cross.

The Electoral Commission guidelines says it can be counted – as long as ‘the intention of the voter clearly appears on the ballot paper’.

In the rules, any mark can be counted as long as ‘the intention of the voter clearly appears on the ballot paper’

Daily Mail

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