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Brexit: Scotland wants no part of a UK led by right-wing politics and austerity.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, delivers his speech in the Main Hall of Manchester Central on the third day, and penultimate day, of the Conservative Party Conference

THIS is what the death of a nation looks like – petty nationalism, populism, fact-free politics, and surprises everywhere.

This is the world of ‘little Britain’ – and it isn’t pretty.

These are unpredictable times. There is anger and frustration. Whole sections of British society feel that politicians, elites and experts don’t understand them. Such is their desperation and feeling of powerlessness that many felt that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are the answer.

This referendum is about Europe, and has been a long time coming, but is also a proxy about so much more. It’s about the right-wing English press, the media and public obsession with personalities (even in politics), immigration, austerity and the ‘left behind’ working class.

Cameron gambled a second time for high stakes in a referendum and lost. That is bad enough, but he has lost the main strategic union for the UK internationally, and may have brought the union between Scotland and England to a bitter end.

This is the biggest Prime Ministerial disaster since Eden lied over Suez in 1956, and Chamberlain went to Munich in 1938 to appease Hitler. Both had to resign and their reputations never recovered. Perhaps the only greater disaster for a PM has been Tony Blair’s Iraq folly and subsequent fall from grace.

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