Nicola Sturgeon is confident of winning next referendum in next few years .. She made the claim in kick #SNP’s drive to win this year’s #Scottish election in a speech at #Holyrood – TheScots reported – @TheScotsman

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05/01/2016, 16:35
#AceScotsmanReport – Nicola Sturgeon says she is confident of winning second referendum in the ‘next few years’…

Addressing MSPs, Ms Sturgeon said: “We will use the powers we have as a government to the full. Of course, I believe today as strongly as I ever have that independence is the best future for our country. That’s why in the months to come we will also lead a renewed debate about how the enduring principle of that case, that decisions about Scotland are best taken by people who live here, is relevant to, demanded by, the circumstances of the world we live in today.

“We will make that case positively and powerfully and we will do it in a realistic and relevant way and in doing so I’m confident that over the next few years we will build majority support for that proposition.”

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