The end of Britain as we know it

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Stunning piece here by Anne Applebaum from the Washington Post. Some good points, the Britain we all know has gone, Scotland will get home rule or more, my only worry is does Scotland have more than 50%? Referendum 45% voted YES. General Election 2015 saw 50% on the money vote SNP. Check here: We truly need more Scotland, but I suspect in 2016 we will finally clear the decks to a free Scotland, or a path to one. Thoughts?

Columnist May 10 Via:

This election will be remembered as the one that rescued the career of David Cameron, the British prime minister, who was publicly contemplating his own exit from politics only two months ago. It will also be remembered as the election that abruptly ended the career of the Labor Party leader, Ed Miliband, who had confidently carved his electoral promises onto…

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#UPDATE ‘ Roads reopen near Aberdeen, beach after an unexploded device was found ‘

#TSNReport – Oct19: Roads reopen near Aberdeen, Scotland, beach after an unexploded device was found.

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