#UPDATE GLASGOW: ‘ KFC ‘fires worker for refusing to take off remembrance day poppy’

Fee £75 per image for online and Fee £150 per image for hardcopy - Must Credit Mirrorpix Stephen Colquhoun outside the KFC were he was sacked for wearing a poppy.Stephen Colquhoun outside the KFC where he was ‘sacked for wearing a poppy’ (Picture: Mirrorpix)

A fast food worker has claimed he was sacked by KFC for refusing to take off his remembrance day poppy.

#TSNReport – Oct.13: I published a new article yesterday on this case on the main site and decided to provide the full article on here today. Thoughts?

Stephen Colquhoun, 23, says he was dismissed from a branch of the fast food chain in Glasgow after wearing the tribute to servicemen and women who have lost their lives.

KFC denies Mr Colquhuon’s claim that he was fired for refusing to remove the poppy, but has said that poppy badges had been banned for health and safety reasons.

The father-of-one told the Daily Record:

I made a ­donation to the restaurant’s own poppy box and had been wearing my poppy on shift on Friday. But then the boss came over and told me to get it off.

At first I thought he must be joking, but he kept on demanding I take it off. Eventually I told him he’d need to sack me because I wasn’t taking it off.

Mr Colquhuon says his manager then sacked him and took his name off the rota, however he also said he had already handed in his notice and was due to stop working at the outlet after a few more shifts.

KFC said:

The poppy appeal is a great cause and many of our restaurants support it through donation boxes including the Renfield Street restaurant.

Wearing any type of badge or pin while working in a kitchen poses a foreign body risk so isn’t allowed for health and safety reasons.

The team member has not been dismissed but we are currently looking into the matter.

Original Article: http://metro.co.uk/2015/10/13/kfc-fires-worker-for-refusing-to-take-off-remembrance-day-poppy-5436688

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