FEATURED: Samuel Peebles jailed for assaulting crying baby boy

#TNSReport – Oct.06: A man who inflicted a broken leg and broken ribs on a crying three-week-old boy has been jailed for 18 months.

Samuel Peebles, 32, admitted attacking the baby while the his mother was sleeping at her home in Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, in May last year.
The child’s mother was questioned by police but later released.
When suspicion fell upon Peebles, he claimed the injuries were accidental before admitting that he had hurt the baby in a moment of frustration.

Jailing him at the High Court in Edinburgh, judge Lord Boyd told Peebles: “It is difficult to think of a more vulnerable victim than a three-week-old child.

‘Moment of frustration’

“In a moment of madness you carried out an act of violence on a three week-old child.”
“In a moment of frustration you inflicted some very serious injuries.”
Peebles, from Drymen, Stirlingshire, admitted assaulting the boy to his severe injury by seizing hold of him, compressing his chest and rib cage with his hands, striking him against his leg and throwing him onto a sofa.
Peebles had told the child’s mother after the attack that he was worried about the baby’s leg as it seemed swollen.
Doctors later concluded that the child’s injuries were not accidental.
Peebles later told police that he had walked into a door while he was holding the child.
He then gave a statement claiming that he had fallen while carrying the baby, crushing him with his body weight.
Peebles later revealed that he had lost his temper with the infant and assaulted him.

Samuel Peebles jailed for assaulting crying baby boy0A man who inflicted a broken leg and broken ribs on a crying three-week-old boy is jailed for 18 months.

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