When I wrote this 12 days ago Scotland –…


When I wrote this 12 days ago Scotland – Jeremy Corbyn, Royal Family, Trident, House of Lords, Israel & Video’s <Click) I got a bit of abuse to be fair, not complaining, having an opinion and sharing it will get you all kinds of reactions and opinions so I am used to it. But I will say again I think Jeremy will help more than hinder the Scottish Yes Movement. This is one thing we were told he would backtrack on, but no! He is siding with the SNP/Wales/Greens, this could be HUGE for Trident’s future, how long till Mr Corbyn is called a little Hitler like Nicola Sturgeon was? Will the Establishment media go for the man now? As I said in the article above, EXITING TIMES ARE COMING! Brace for impact Scotland!

Via: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/


Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed he will work with the SNP to try and scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent despite opposition to the move from his own backbenches. The Labour leader reaffirmed his long-standing opposition to Trident and said he would vote with the 56 Nationalists at Westminster on the issue. Mr Corbyn said he would like to see thousands of jobs associated with nuclear defence in Scotland transferred to other forms of high-value engineering, but did not specify what these were.

The SNP welcomed his comments but said the “real test” would be whether he can persuade his party when its debates calls for Trident to be scrapped at its conference, which starts this weekend.

The Tory majority in the Commons, combined with the support of pronuclear Labour MPs, means the Government is highly unlikely to lose a vote on the deterrent’s renewal.

Although a vote in the Commons is not scheduled to take place until next year, earlier this month George Osborne announced £500 million to revamp its home at the Faslane naval base on the Clyde and make it fit for purpose until at least 2067.

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