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I just watched the speech by new Labour leader for the UK Jeremy Corbyn. Now RELAX HERE!! What I am about to say many will in a moment disagree with. But I want to share two video’s with you. One from Jeremy Corbyn and another from JKF. Why? Because he strikes me as the kind of man who is opposed to the same ideologies of what JFK, African Apartheid the Scottish Yes Movement and many others do and also he is against ISRAEL!! Now he doesn’t hate Israel, he wants to stand beside Palestine and others who want to as he said “END THIS GLOBAL SCOURGE” Jeremy I think might be good news for the Scottish Yes Movement. He may not want a free Scotland but this guy is talking globally here, he is a man of principles and talks like many I know and myself speak, he asks for a break in Global Evils, end to Austerity, he is against Trident and the Royal Family and I am sure I read somewhere he has issues with the House of Lords. Let me say this clearly and it is my opinion only. A one party Scotland was in danger of happening, anyone who thinks a 1 party country is good is sadly wrong. When a 1 Party country starts there is a ‘Honeymoon Period’ of settling in, then the cracks slowly appear and we have 1 vote, 1 choice and it could be bad for Scotland. But then I turn the coin around and trust the SNP. What we have here is a HUGE revival for Labour in the UK and also, sadly or gladly depending on where you stand, Scotland, a man with very similar left wing thinking. This could get very interesting, I think as leader of Labour he would have battled for the SNP/Labour coalition instead of Labour giving in knowing an SNP strong in Westminster would leave it for freedom soon enough. Seriously this could make things a WHOLE lot easier Scotland. I ask you listen first to JFK then listen to Corbyn speak. Let me know what you think. I will leave below 2 video’s and tweets from all over and by many

JFK on a free and open society in the USA


Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader Victory Speech 2015
Via PublicEnquiry on You Tube


‘It’s a f***ing disaster’: Turmoil triggered by Corbyn victory sees at least EIGHT Labour MPs leave the frontbench <Click)


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