Sturgeon vidoe’s – Pledging £1m for refugees – Cameron says NO



Let me first say before I share a piece from The Edinburgh Reporter’ I must ask if what we are seeing on our TV’s is more than what meets the eye. Many are saying this is a story that is being manipulated to cause outrage and anger. And also people are saying loud and clear that the mass refugee incoming into Europe has the Islamic State in there, basically ISIS are using this awful story to gain European footholds. All these stories aside this is STILL a true story, a mark of the beast that is our World, this image above shows the levels that our species has dropped too. When WWII was over it was promised these things would never happen again, since WWII this has happened many times in many places, I will leave you to figure that one out. The story here is Nicola Sturgeon is rightly attacking David Cameron for his ‘I don’t care attitude’ to the deaths of refugee’s, not immigrants as many media outlets will tell you, knowledge is power they say and when I see certain news agencies use the word immigrants I get angry, they are refugee’s seeking a life away from certain death and certainly oppression. How bad must it be for families to risk their all on a boat to escape a truth we are probably not being told. The scenes of refuges arriving in Germany and other Countries was amazing, sadly I think Scotland has figured out by now a global elite of people say ‘No thanks’ And we in Scotland because we are tied in with the Eton toff’s are part of this sickening Elitism. This is where Scotland shows the World it should not be held in this Union any longer, we are more up to date, we live and work in 2015 and we are a fair nation of people. The 67 down in Westminster have told us stories of 100 year old traditions in Westminster, Scotland is better than this and soon we will be free, Alex Salmond said “If you don’t give us what is promised, we will take it on our own” And the SNP mean this, UDI I don’t think will be applied, more just slowly walking away into the sunset with 2 signed legal documents in the ‘Edinburgh agreement and the Vow. Expect this soon, I can’t say any more

Cameron’s stance on refugees is ‘utterly shameful’, says Sturgeon
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First Minister hosts humanitarian summit
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Nicola Sturgeon ‘I implore’ Cameron over Syria boy- BBC News
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First Minister announces funding to help refugees integrate into Scotland.

2015_04_20-SNP-Manifesto-Launch-12-600x400The work of the taskforce co-ordinating Scotland’s practical response to the humanitarian crisis in southern Europe will be supported by an initial £1 million in Scottish Government funding to ensure that services across Scotland are prepared to deal with the arrival of refugees. Further support will be considered as the taskforce progresses its work.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the funding will help the taskforce as it begins its work this week establishing Scotland’s capacity in a range of areas such as housing, language support, transport, health and social services.

The group, which was established following a humanitarian summit convened by the First Minister that brought together political and religious leaders, humanitarian groups and wider civic Scotland, is also tasked with establishing how the goodwill of the public in Scotland can be harnessed and turned in to practical steps to help those in need.

The First Minister confirmed that the group – to be chaired by Europe and International Development Minister Humza Yousaf – will now use the funding to support local authorities, the third sector and humanitarian groups in delivering the practical steps required to welcome to Scotland those fleeing persecution in Syria and elsewhere.

The First Minister said:

“The heartbreaking scenes of desperate people fleeing their homes and looking for refuge in Europe have touched many people in Scotland and I know that there is great support across the country for us to play our part in offering what help we can.

“During the humanitarian summit I convened on Friday, we heard the personal testimony of those who escaped persecution or war and have now been welcomed in Scotland and made to feel part of the community. Their stories are inspirational and I hope that the steps we are now taking can help many more refugees like them make a better life for their families.

“After that summit I announced that the steps required for us to accommodate our fair share of refugees would be examined and co-ordinated by a taskforce, which will begin work this week establishing Scotland’s capacity in a range of important areas such as housing and health services. It will also have a crucial role in harnessing the good will that exists in Scotland and turning that into practical help for those in distress.

“Today I am pleased to confirm that the work of that taskforce will be supported by an initial £1 million in Scottish Government funding. This initial funding will ensure that the frontline organisations who will help refugees integrate into Scotland will have resources to carry out their work. We will consider what further support is required as the taskforce progresses its work..”


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