*Vlog* Me Speaking – Scotland, Groups, Websites – Scottish Freedom Movement *VIDEO*


I won’t type much here. I would really appreciate my Scottish Kin, as you are 😀 Giving me a watch and listen. I am positive you will see a different me than the ‘Font version’ portrays. I am just being natural and talking as if I am talking face to face. Would love some opinions on the issues I bring up. Easier to Vlog than type for me just now, long story, doesn’t matter. I hope you watch. 9 Minutes 59 Seconds about THIS GROUP, about YOU, about ADMINS, about SCOTLAND, about ME 😀 and most important what IN MY OPINION is me saying where we might be going wrong. I hate nobody, I am the same as you..Please, hear me out Scotland. As I always say when I type to the World and not just Scotland….

More love, Less hate.. 




50% on the money on May 7th, from 45% last September 14th

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause


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