New Tools to Protect Yourself Against Unconstitutional Police Spying


NOW!! I have written about this many times, so far I see it mainly in the USA, check HERE <Click) I am now seeing it more and more in the UK. Being in Scotland I see these cameras all over the city centre and they are either there to protect us or to monitor us. Now when you go to a rundown area, like say? Muirhouse. Now before someone gets offended I was born in Muirhouse and lived there till I was 12 or something, still have family down there and if you know people it’s a decent area. Niddrie and Wester Hails are 2 other places in Edinburgh where these cameras are everywhere. I remember a few years back I was helping a friend get a house, he get offered a flat in Muirhouse, he was saying no on the basis of “Shaun there are camera’s everywhere, surely this isn’t a good thing!” I said to him “This is actually a decent part of Muirhouse, I will drive you down and we can see it” And we did, he signed for the house from the Government with-in 5 minutes. This house was like the 2nd last house in the Western part before you see the Golf Course and Silverknowes; a good area is right behind him. There are 3 camera’s on his area of the street and for the 2 years he has been there, not one problem, he thanks me still to this day for helping him decide, so, that I share so you understand my thinking ok. This article here is one we must debate. Some WILL say “It’s for our own benefit, it protects us” and others will say “NO! It’s in our face, recording us with every move we do, it’s intrusive” and I guess both are correct. What do you think Scotland? In-fact I ask the World. What do you think? Talk it here, Facebook page or Twitter, doesn’t matter. Cheers….

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WASHINGTON, DC — When it comes to spying on your private life and habits, it’s not just the NSA that should concern you, but the local police station down the street.

The surveillance technology used by local police is getting better and better.

They can track license plates, track identities with facial recognition software, biometrics, CCTVs and most alarmingly, they can now use Stingrays to scoop up information from your smartphone.

If information from your smartphone — such as your text messages, private photos, banking and social media activity — falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster.

The most effective way to guard against spying on your phone is to simply stop using a phone or carrying a phone with you everywhere you go.

But for those of us who love the benefits of our phones too much to ditch them, an even better solution is to invest in a phone shielding system that blocks EMF — the new Tunnel case is the best shield on the market for this purpose.

You’d think that shutting your phone off or switching to a non-connection mode (like airplane mode) would protect you, but unfortunately phones still function in a low-power (or base-band) mode, even if they’re switched “off.” This is why many veteran activists are beginning to either ditch their phones completely or invest in reliable shielding cases.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has also just launched the Street-Level Surveillance Project <Click)

The Project is described by EFF as follows:

The Street-Level Surveillance Project is a web portal loaded with comprehensive, easy-to-access information on police spying tools like license plate readers, biometric collection devices, and “Stingrays.’’

The SLS Project addresses an information gap that has developed as law enforcement agencies deploy sophisticated technology products that are supposed to target criminals but that in fact scoop up private information about millions of ordinary, law-abiding citizens who aren’t suspected of committing crimes. Government agencies are less than forthcoming about how they use these tools, which are becoming more and more sophisticated every year, and often hide the facts about their use from the public. What’s more, police spying tools are being used first in low-income, immigrant, and minority communities­—populations that may lack access to information and resources to challenge improper surveillance.

“Law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local level are increasingly using sophisticated tools to track our cell phone calls, photograph our vehicles and follow our driving patterns, take our pictures in public places, and collect our fingerprints and DNA. But the public doesn’t know much about those tools and how they are used,’’ said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Jennifer Lynch.

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