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So less type and more talk here. As you know I have M.E. It’s a painful thing so it’s often hard to type. Playing the disabled card to one side for a second this video is around 7 minutes long and it’s just me talking about this blog I done yesterday I think. I was calling certain people out for being gossip’s and liars. Remember?> Scotland – Do you know HOW MUCH you are lied to? Let me explain <Click) All I am saying here is regarding this blog and how BORED I am getting trying to save our Country from peril, because people are stopping free flowing information ON YES MOVEMENT FACEBOOK GROUPS AND PAGES!! WTF! Listen away, you will get my point better watching my ugly mug 😀 But do that this serious Scotland, please! But then I urge you to then close the internet and re-join humanity in living a normal life.. lol. Sorry, wee joke there, bad patter really 😀 #Enjoy – PS: Audio and lighting are better here than the last Vlog lol > AceNews/ShaunyNews – Video Test <Click if bored)

Myself talking about the Yes movement – Getting boring it is! So this is me talking here





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