SCOTLAND: ‘ Food & Drink Heritage ‘

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#AceFoodNews – July.29: Just lifting the lid on Scotland and its food history. From sheep heid broth and porridge to ‘soor plooms’ and ‘sweetie wives’, a new exhibition at the National Library of Scotland delves into the nation’s food history over the past four centuries.

Part of 2015’s Year of Food and Drink Scotland, ‘Lifting the lid: 400 years of Food & Drink in Scotland’ reveals some weird and wonderful facts about its rich culinary history. Curator of the exhibition, Olive Geddes, shares a few.

Scots are said to eat more sweets than any other country in the world. Tablet and fudge were first made in Scotland in the late 18th century and ‘boilings’ such as ‘soor plooms’ and ‘Hawick balls’ were made at home and sold on the streets by women called ‘sweetie wives’. But sugar was expensive when it was first imported in large quantities from the…

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