Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games ‘worth £740m’ to economy

An official report into the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has said it was worth £740m to the Scottish economy.
It also estimated Glasgow itself gained £390m. Over the years 2007-14, an average of 2,100 jobs were created, over half of them in Glasgow.

The report said the games were delivered on time and on budget.
It concluded the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland enjoyed “high levels” of public support and participation.
In terms of tourism, Glasgow 2014 attracted about 690,000 unique visitors.

Active legacy
The report said infrastructure for high performance sport had “clearly” been enhanced as a result of Glasgow and Scotland hosting the games.

The range of sports benefitting were said to include swimming, diving, cycling, bowling, hockey and badminton.

The most recent measures of physical activity in adults from the national population statistics are said to show the first increase for a number of years.

The report warns, however, that “further data are required to determine whether this is the beginning of a positive trend”.

Chairwoman of sportscotland, Louise Martin, said: “As well as raising sport’s profile in Scotland there are a number of positive indicators suggesting there has also been a significant boost for community and performance sport for the country.

“Facilities, both for community and high performance use, have improved substantially across Scotland and we are connecting those improved facilities and the growing number of coaches to the schools and clubs in our communities, which is helping to grow capacity in Scottish sport.”

The games saw significant investment in Glasgow, especially in the east of the city.

Glasgow City Council deputy leader Archie Graham said: “We’ve seen more people participating in sport, inspired by last summer, which is fantastic.

Event tourism
“There’s also new housing in the east of Glasgow and a refurbished train station, new roads around the area as well as shops and a doctor’s surgery, so there’s a fantastic legacy.”

Sport minister Jamie Hepburn added: “Ever since Glasgow secured the bid, the Scottish government has been working with all the partners to build a lasting social, cultural and economic legacy for the whole of Scotland.

“As well as delivering the best Commonwealth Games ever, Glasgow 2014 brought so many opportunities to Scotland and continues to do so.”

VisitScotland said the games had left “a lasting legacy on the country’s growing event tourism industry”.

Chairman Mike Cantlay said: “This year, Scotland’s tourism industry is building on the energy and excitement of 2014, using strengths, such as our food and drink and quality visitor experiences, to take Scotland to the world and enhance our reputation as a must-visit, must-return destination.”

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games ‘worth £740m’ to economy_84428770_getty.jpgAn official report into the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games says the event was worth £740m to the Scottish economy.


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