Amandla Awethu – South Africa – Human Roots – Solidarity – And why Scotland MUST CONNECT TO THIS!!


Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth



DON’T KILL ME ON THE BLOGS TITLE, DEBATE IT’S CONTENT PLEASE, WITH LOVE AND RESPECT, PLEASE!! > To define a free Scotland in an oppressed World we must understand our History Scotland, World History. We must gather examples of our struggle for freedom from other people; ‘A People. From South Africa/Africa to Ferguson to Syria and Palestine and all over the World people are awakening but are still oppressed in a bad way or a deathly way and Scotland are at the front of the awakened queue. Yeah Brothers and Sisters, Scotland is leading a feeling and motion and a god given right (God in the right context, below you will understand) to speak, be heard, feed each other, dress the poor, home the homeless and also cry and share #Solidarity that exists from a very good man in Tommy Sheridan and his party to Nelson Mandela

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