#AceNewsServices – SCOTLAND:Jan.22: Following on from today’s draft legislation to provide greater devolved powers to Scotland. The UK government now wants to convince the people that it was such a great idea and provides 5 reasons below:

So here are just 5 of the reasons why Scotland is more powerful as part of the United Kingdom according to the UK Government.

1. Power on tax

The Scottish Parliament will control around 60% of Scottish spending. This means that, for the first time, more than half of the money spent by the Scottish Government will be funded by money raised in Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament will also get a share of UK VAT and Air Passenger Duty will be fully devolved.

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2. Power on welfare

Power to set the rules over a range of benefits which affect carers, disabled people and the elderly will be devolved, as will control over programme’s which help people find work.

The Scottish Parliament will also have the power to legislate for discretionary payments to people in any area of welfare and will be able to vary the frequency of Universal Credit payments and vary the housing costs calculation within Universal Credit.

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3. Having a say

Scotland’s 16 and 17 year old’s will have a say in their country’s future – leading the way in the UK. Following the success of allowing young people to vote in the independence referendum, steps have already been taken to lower the voting age for Scottish Parliament and local council elections to 16.

Edinburgh College
Alistair Carmichael with students at Edinburgh College.

4. Building on a strong base

These new powers are in addition to the powers already devolved – including education, health, policing and transport – and further powers on taxation and borrowing which come into force in 2015 and 2016.

Other powers being devolved to Scotland include the Scottish functions of the British Transport Police, licensing of onshore oil and gas extraction and powers to prevent the proliferation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals.

5. Best of both worlds

Scotland’s new powers will make the Scottish Parliament more powerful, more responsible and more accountable. Yet Scotland also retains the safety and security of being part of the UK. The pound, pensions and passports will remain unchanged while our armed forces and security services will continue to keep Scotland safe.

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